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Forbidden Music at the Kråkeslottet


Forbidden music at Kråkeslottet was a concert in collaboration with Kråkeslottet på Senja, MB Classics,Limbo Collective Berlin and Ensemble Blå. Ensemble Blå is a district musician group from the blue city of Sortland. The piano trio consists of Sindre Myrbostad on piano, Lisa Isabel Holstad on cello and Anna-Sofia Ulfsax on violin.

The trio regularly performs the classical standard repertoire for piano trio. They also play in the Lofoten and Vesterålen Symphony Orchestra and various chamber music constellations as well as productions for children and young people. The trio run the Sortland Chamber Music Series and are very active in Ny Musikkuka and the Sortland Chamber Ensemble.

At this concert, music was performed by Andrzej Panufnik as part of the Limbo project. (Lifting Immortal Music Beyond Oblivion).

“Realized under the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage – Culture on the internet”.


The music of composers who pursued their work under difficult circumstances has been an important focus of the pianist Katarzyna Wasiak – the co-founder of the LIMBO collective. Political and ideological persecution has far too often prevented the continued work of marginalized composers. Fortunately their materials can still be found in numerous archives. The concern of LIMBO [dt. “Limbus”, Latin for “edge”, “hem”, “boundary”, denotes in Catholic theology two places on the edge of hell, where souls stay who are excluded from heaven through no fault of their own] Collective is to pursue precisely this music, to retrieve it from the archives and bring it to life in people’s fields of experience.During the Second World War, not only were many careers of visionary musicians curtailed, but the lives of numerous European artists who could not be classified in the political and ideological narrative of the time were also destroyed. These isolated artists can stand as a symbol for all those who have been oppressed and thus plunged into oblivion.In addition to the artistic recognition that their work deserves, the life paths and fates of these artists should also be made relatabe in order to reach people’s own world of experience in the 21st century and to establish strong references.The LIMBO collective is an initiative for people of all ages whose founders come from the fields of music, psychology, video art, web design and music management. Under the term of LIMBO – Lifting Immortal Music Beyond Oblivion – Kollektiv, we combine numerous projects and diverse approaches to shed light on forgotten music and musicians. An important element of the collective is an interactive website. In the form of a map of Europe, the life paths and creative places as well as periods of the individual composers appear in a vivid and engaging presentation. One of our concerns here is to make the topic conveyable in a simple form. yet unique form, combining music with topics of the greatest social relevance.   It is certainly one of the most difficult undertakings to deal with topics of persecution, exile, torture and (industrial) extermination of people. At the same time, however, these topics are a crucial prerequisite for developing an understanding of our society and the democratic principles of human rights. Empathy for the other, even if they differ in their cultural background, also arises from a shared world of experience, which can be made possible in its most powerful forum through music.



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