European Music Trails in Historical Locations

In the period 15.-22. September 2019, 8 young classical musicians from Germany, Lithuania and Norway met at the Meisdalen Gård in Skrautvål, Valdres. Here they worked and lived together for a week, before embarking on a concert tour around the country. The great inspiration was the music and travels of Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), Clara Schumann (1819 - 1896) and Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875 - 1911) which inspired the festival and mini tour - from Valdres in the east to Bergen in the west.

In Bergen, the Historical Music Trails began with a morning concert at Troldhaugen (Edvard Griegs home), followed by concerts in historic rooms in Bergen and east Norway.


European Music Trails (EUMUT) was a project about the unifying power of music in a diverse Europe. The three partners, Leipziger Notenspur (Germany), Opera Opus - MB Classics (Norway) and Ciurlionio Namai (Lithuania), developed the project based on the philosophy and basic ideas of the great composers who all represented a change in the music field in the 18th and 19th century.

All three are particularly important composers in the three participating countries, Germany, Lithuania and Norway. The European Music Trails project took the legacy from these composers and further developed it for the future.

The travelling musicians

Mariam Kharatyan - piano (Norway/Armenia)
Sander Tingstad -  violin (Norway)
Adriana Zarzuela - violin (Germany/Spain)
Anna Kasperovic - violin (Lithuania)
Ingvild Sæther - viola (Norway)
Lia Chen Perlov - cello (Germany/Israel)
Kornelija Kupsyte - cello (Lithuania)
Ksistof Markiewicz - piano (Lithuania)

Anil Büyükikiz - piano (Germany/Turkey)


Residens / Festival

Thursday19.sep kl 1900 - Evening piano recital // Valdres Folkemuseum

                                          Mariam Kharatyan
Friday 20.sep kl 1300 - Matineé // Fagernes Kulturhus
                                        Program no.1
Friday 20.sep kl 1900 - Konsert // Fagernes Kulturhus
                                        Program no.2


Special events

Saturday 21.sep kl 1300 - Consert// Borgund Stavkirke, Borlaug
                                        Program No3
Sunday 22.sep kl 0800 - Early morning piano recital // Troldhaugen villa, Bergen


Historical Music Trails

Søndag 22.sep kl 1100 - Historical Music Trails// Bjerkebæk, Sigrid Undsets home, Lillehammer
                                        Gjøvik Trio
Søndag 22.sep kl 1100 - Historical Music Trails // Bien Restaurant, Danmarksplass, Bergen
                                        Program no.1
Søndag 22.sep kl 1200 - Historical Music Trails // Maihaugen, Lillehammer
                                        Gjøvik Trio
Søndag 22.sep kl 1300 -  Historical Music Trails // Bien Centro/KODE 1, Bergen
                                        Program no.2
Søndag 22.sep kl 1330 -  Historical Music Trails // Aulestad, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons home, Gausdal
                                        Gjøvik Trio   
Søndag 22.sep kl 1500 -  Historical Music Trails // Bien Basar, Rivelsrudbygget, Bergen
                                        Program no.3 


Program 1

- Grieg                                Sonata for violin and piano in F, op. 8          Adriana Zarzuela/Ksistof Markiewicz

- Ciurlionis                          Piano solo                                                     Ksistof Markiewicz

- Grieg                                Sonata for violin and piano in G, op. 13       Sander Tingstad/Ksistof Markiewicz


Program 2

- Ciurlionis                         Piano solo                                                    Ksistof Markiewicz

- Clara Schumann             Three Romances for violin and piano          Adriana Zarzuela/Anil Büyükikiz                                   

- E. Grieg                           Sonata for violin and piano in C, op. 45       Anna Kasperovic/Anil Büyükikiz


Program 3

- Ciurlionis                          String quartet                                    Anna Kasperovic/Sander Tingstad/Ingvild Sæther/Kornelija Kupsyte

- Grieg                                String Quartet in G, op. 27                Sander Tingstad/Anna Kasperovic/Ingvild Sæther/Lia Chen Perlov