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Touring Exhibition - Travelling musicians

Under the working title “The best ten minutes”, a touring exhibition was designed concentrating on the lives of Clara Schumann, M. K. Čiurlionis and Edvard Grieg. Through devices such as pictures, videos, music and interactive elements the exhibition aims to be understandable even without language skills and can be explored within ten minutes. One main aspect will highlight the travel activities of all three composers, what means of transport they used, what distances they covered, what they had to endure in order to follow their musical careers all throughout Europe. The exhibition is bilingual, using English and the language of the partnering country where it is being shown. A complementary part of the exhibition will be 3-minute sequences filmed by university students of all three partnering countries about the composers and their time. Due to the content of the exhibition, it is perfect to be displayed in busy places such as railway stations and airports, reaching a wide variety of audiences, including persons who are not yet fascinated by classical music or who wouldn’t search for information on the composers on their own.

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